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Since 1999, ATH-NET-IX has developed software for athletics and sports. Our goal is to provide wireless software applications for many of the tasks currently being done by traditional means in athletics.

Athnetix utilizes the Mobile Computers, such as the W-Mobile Pocket PC Bluetooth enabled devices.

This Product Is No Longer Available!
Mobile Device $25  Mobile Devicet $25

Mobile Sudden Impact$25    Mobile SwingProPlus$25 

Measure and Capture Concussion Level Impacts

This Product Is No Longer Available!

Sudden Impact is a Patent Pending Sensor designed to be used in all contact sports and activities. The case is small and light and can be attached easily to the inside of football, baseball, hockey or most any helmet to measure impacts. It contains a Microcontroller (MCU) that will measure, store and wirelessly transmit impact information in real time. Sudden Impact measures the amount of G-force, as well as the duration of the impact in milliseconds, there are 2 Accelerometer sensors (Left and Right) sampling at millisecond speed to record the position and readings. Date and Time are also stored.

eXtreme Impact Technology is one of the first to develop and offer a personal low-cost wireless and non-wireless sensor that can measure, capture, store and transmit real-time Impact Data from the Playing Field to the Sideline, Bench or Press box. Up to 330ft (wireless version), receive instant impact gravities (G's) and impact length (msec). Store up to 2500 impacts, impact length, impact position and date/time right on the sensor. With the built-in transceiver you can transmit to a PC/Laptop or W-Mobile device utilizing Bluetooth.

The non-wireless version can still store 2500 impacts, impact length, impact position and date/time right on the sensor and can then be imported at a later time to the desktop software.

With our Patent Pending sensor and software capture all this data, then download to your PC/Laptop and review and evaluate for "Concussion Level Impacts" and impact force. Keep the data in a database right on your PC. read more

Parents and coaches can track game to game and season to season player impacts. Don't guess, but know when a player has received a concussion level impact!


This Product Is No Longer Available!

Bluetooth Communication
All new... even smaller and more accurate Accelerometer  and Microprocessor (MCU) controlled Bluetooth wireless device that attaches to any bat. Get the most affordable & advanced timing solution for baseball and softball training available! Calculate your swing speed, gravities and force (Newton's) from up to 330+ft away from a computer, laptop or mobile device. Graphs show your swing acceleration, force and gravities every 10 msec. 
The desktop software chronograph accurately measures swing speed and reaction time along with other swing drills. Includes a Best Bat tool that can help determine the correct bat weight for your swing.  read more...

Download SwingProPlus

$220 + W/O Dongle - Shipping /Handling

$245 + W Dongle - Shipping /Handling


SwingProPlus - comes with four (4) drills to help improve your game.

SwingProPlus - learn and see exactly where your swing hitting zone is!

SwingProPlus - see the force your swing produces!

1. Scientists at the The University of Tampa have tested Swing Pro Plus and found that it has a very high reliability factor.
2. This device has been used in scientific literature for experimentation.

Recently SwingProPlus was used for a publication/study in the Worlds largest performance journal:

"Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research"


Read the article

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Our services focus on athletic and sports application programming covering the needs of even the most demanding customers, ranging from small local teams to professional sports. Many of our turn-key software applications are unique since they incorporate Bluetooth or RF Wireless control. This allows the user to control, track and record from some distance from the computer.

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