Professional Pitching Chart

Throw Away That Pencil And Mechanical Pitch Counter. Need To Track Every Pitch By Location? Do All This And More Using This Pitching Chart!!

Application Features

Large LED display for total pitch count
Large LED display for total mount time
Chart current session or all sessions for this pitcher
3D and 2D charts by inning or all games
Database of pitchers
Timer can measures pitch speed (mph)
Stop watch
Pitch count alarm
Track every pitch by location

Track every pitch by speed
Track every pitch by type

Notebook for each pitcher
Define up to 8 different pitch types
Interface with PPC for the Pocket PC


Pocket PC Interface ..With Instant Replay!.

Record Pitch Location, Speed and Pitch Type On Pocket PC , Then Upload To The Desktop PPC for review. Numerous Graphs for comparisons and statistics.

Download 30 day

If you experience any problem while downloading, installation or during execution please let us know and we'll fix it immediately!


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