Game and Sport Timer

eTIMER is a software application that counts, times and measure just about any athletic event or drills. eTIMER is available for Windows 95, 98 and NT4.0/2000/XP.

eTIMER is unique in that either a tradition keyboard/mouse or a wireless RF device that connects to an available printer port can control it. The RF device provides the user with up to 300 feet of hands free control for starting and stopping eTIMER options.

Application Options

There are five eTIMER options available.

Counter that can be programmed to count up to a set number, with an audio alert when that number reaches a specific count. The count can also be programmed to reset after a certain number has been reached.

Example: Count the number of pitches that a pitcher throws. Sound an alert when the pitch counts reaches a certain number.

Stop Watch that times HH:MM:SS:hh. An audio starting gun wave can be selected as well as an option to pause and restart the stop watch.

Example: Use in place of a starting gun and stop watch for any athletic timing event.

Measures speed in MPH. This is a handy option to calculate the speed in MPH between two points. The user will supply the distance, then using the transmitter start and stop the option to measure the speed. This functions just like a radar gun.

Example: Can be used to time a baseball/softball pitcher in MPH. Calculate the speed in auto or horse racing events. Calculate the speed of a tennis serve.

Countdown with audio alert. Programmable time that counts down to zero and issues an audio alert (whistle).

: Use in football to time setup and release in quarterback drills.

Lap Counter that can be programmed to time (HH:MM:SS:hh) and calculate MPH of each lap. The user enters the number of laps and distance in feet, yards or miles. As each lap is completed press the transmitter.

Example: Use to calculate time and speed (mph) of each lap in a relay race.

Application Startup

The application starts by calculating the CPU speed (initializing) for the measurement of eTIMER'S options. The processor must be rated at
800 MHZ or faster to ensure reliable timing. It is a good practice to close all unnecessary applications and processes prior to timing to insure accuracy in timing.

Two options (Radar Gun and Lap Counter), provide a Speedometer window that can be size to any display.

To start select an option by pressing or click the
ON button. This enables the wireless RF communication and also enables the manual or keyboard/mouse option should you prefer or need to use this method. You should see the red light turn to green on the start panel. Any time the communication light is red it will not receive a RF command. Wait until the communication light turns to green before pressing the transmitter to select an option.





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