Long Distance Target System

eCOUNT is a wireless software application that uses computers and hardwired or wireless RF technology to count long range target hits. This provides the shooter with instant hit-or-miss feedback


It runs on a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP PC. It uses wireless RF technology to count target hits. The RF transmitter has a working range of well over
350+ feet. This means the receiver, which is connected to a PC/Laptop can be well away from the transmitter for greater flexibility. The eCOUNT display LED re-size themselves to the size of the screen.

The transmitter comes with a normally
open sensor and magnet. The transmitter can alternately be connected to a relay that opens and closes to register a hit. As a target is hit the sensor will close and transmit a signal to the receiver. Positing the sensor is critical since it must be placed on a target that will move approximately 3/4 of an inch away from the sensor in order to transmit.

eCOUNT comes with a full database for Users and Teams as well as, the ability to
export scoring data.

Setting up eCOUNT is relatively straight forward. There are options for sound (on/off), as well as, the LED display size. The display can be sized to 3 or 4 digits depending on your requirements. There is also an option to allow two competitor's to compete against each other. Since tracking the number of hits is done automatically, there is an option to determine when to start a time clock. You can start the time either when you set up a session or on the very first hit. The following options are also available.

Wait Time(ms) is used for determining the length of time eCOUNT waits before looking for an RF transmitter signal. You will increase the wait time(ms) to slow down the sensitivity of the transmitting signal. To increase the sensitivity between signals lower the wait time(ms). Value range is 1 to 9000 ms (9 seconds).

Sensor Wait Time(ms) is used for determine the length of time between accepting a transmitter signal after a target hit has been registered. You increase the wait time(ms) to slow down the sensitivity of the sensor. To increase the sensitivity lower the wait time(ms). Value range is 1 to 60000 ms (60 seconds).

Increment count. The number the score is incremented by and number of rounds count is reduce by, on each hit.

Target distance is the target distance in feet. This is used in the eCOUNT database.

Number of rounds. Rounds for this session. A real time graph shows the percent of hits.

Blink display on each hit.

Port selection. Either LPT1: or LPT2:.




The LED'S size themselves automatically to the screen resolution. The eCOUNT display also maintains a graph indicating hit percentage. There is also an option to display a session and configure the user or team for the session. A manual option allows the user to adjust the hit count up or down by the setup increment count.


There is an option to allow two competitor's to compete. In this mode you could use two different targets each with a transmitter (same RF channel, one receiver) alternating shots or one target and one transmitter. In the dual mode you would click the LED side that is now up. Notice the red frame around the graph that will register the next hit.

You also can export scoring data to a tide delimited (~) file. First you must select the data you want to export from the User Scores and Performance display and then press the export button. Options allow to export with the data field names as the first line and also delete the data as it is exported. Select the path and press Begin Export. The file name is made up of eCount" + Second + Minute + Hour +Day + Month. This insures a unique file name.



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