ShockJockPro is a wireless lite-weight plastic 2" by 3" wearable IOT sensor, which can capture up to a 200 G impact. Accurate shock information can be valuable in a wide range of applications. In contact sports, biking, or in the military, crash or impact metrics (such as magnitude, point of contact, and direction) can be used to better diagnose concussion or head trauma resulting from accidents and impacts.


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Check The Cellular Reception In Your Location:


Cellular coverage and cellular reception are slightly different. Coverage is determined by the location and availability of cellular towers in your neighborhood. Even if there is coverage, your device might not have reception. Things like RF interference, being in a basement, or a damaged antenna might affect your device's ability to get a good signal from the cell tower nearby.


There are a bunch of things that you can do to improve your cellular reception:


Check the coverage on your phone (if it is on a GSM network) as a comparison point. Do you get a good signal?

Try going outside, or by a window, to confirm that your device can connect


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